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AOIP-Portable 2-channel thermometer for resistive probes and thermocouples (Model:TTI 10)

Giá bán: Vui lòng gọi
Tình trạng: Mới 100%
Bảo hành: 12 tháng
Xuất xứ: AOIP
Mô tả:

High accuracy handheld thermometer: 0.01°C High resolution: 0.001°C Perfect standard for use with industrial baths and dry blocks and Fast-Cal models


 The TTI 10 is a high accuracy handheld temperature indicator with two platinum resistance thermometer inputs. The high precision makes the instrument particularly suitable as a portable reference thermometer to use alongside temperature calibrators such as industrial baths and dry blocks and Fast-Cal models. It is also suited for high accuracy measurements in industrial and scientific applications.

TTI 10 brings laboratory level performance of up to 10 mK (0.01°C) and resolution up to 0.001°C in a portable handheld instrument. Battery life is typically 20 hours from a 9 V PP3 battery and a protective rubber boot offers protection in field use.

The instrument can capture the minimum, maximum and average values over up to 4,000 measurements with a logging rate selectable in the range of 1 s to 30 min.

The TTI 10 has an easy to use “learning calibration mode” that allows it to be system calibrated with a Platinum resistance thermometer simply by comparing it to a calibrated standard thermometer, no need to calculate coefficients or data, simply enter the reference probe temperature or temperatures and the TTI 10 will do the work.

A USB interface allows connection to Cal Notepad software with its charting and logging features.

TTI 10 supports semi standard platinum resistance probes with system uncertainties (probe and instrument) as low as 20 mK. We recommend the 935-14-61 and 935-14-16 probes detailed below and have special calibration deals available. Other probes and ranges are available, please consult our section dedicated to temperature probes for further details.

Key features: 

  • High accuracy handheld thermometer: 0.01°C
  • High resolution: 0.001°C
  • Perfect standard for use with industrial baths and dry blocks and Fast-Cal models

Specifications and performances in temperature @20°C ±5°C

Uncertainty is given in % of reading (display) + fixed value.

Resistive probes: Measurement

Sensor Measurement range Resolution (°C / °F / K) Uncertainty / 1 year
Pt100 -200 to +850°C 0.001 0.012°C from -80°C to 199.999°C
0.0015% RDG + 0.02°C from 200°C to 660°C

Four wire measurement

Further features

Data logging 4,000 single channel readings to be stored together with a date and time stamp
The stored values can be recalled on the instrument display, downloaded to a PC file or sent to printer.
Measuring interval: Adjustable from 1 second to 30 minutes

General specifications

Size 200 x 85 x 40 mm
Weight 300 g
Display 2-line LCD display
Resolution: 0.001°C from -199.999°C to +199.999°C remaining range 0.01°C
Battery Type: 9 V PP3
Battery life: 20 hours typical
Communication ports USB
Storage capacity 4,000 measurements with date and time stamp

Environmental specifications

Reference range 20°C ±5°C
Operating reference range 0 to 40°C





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